Les nouvelles "Mission Zibéon" et "Sentence", traduites par Macha Sener.

The Zibeon Mission: Camelice is a beautiful cat, white and reddish-brown, living with Roger. Single and sad, Roger writes about his cat's life... Is Camelice a cat like the others? Are appearances to be trusted? Verdict: In an European country trying to rebuilt itself after a civil war, a loving husband, affectionate father, a model employee of the Ministry of Culture, is arrested by the political police. His crime? To have dreamed of a better world...

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Excerpt :

It is 17:00 and I am pleased to leave the office at last. There are some days like this where nothing turns as I wish. The worst moment of the day, like a mildewed cherry on the spoiled whipped cream of a stale cake, would be when the pretty Sandra declined with an useless contempt my invitation for diner.
The eyes looking to the gray sky, I breathe great puffs of the polluted air of the city, finding it suddenly very pure. What a mistake! While raising the head too much, one does not look where one walks, and it had to happen: my foot crushes what an impolite dog would have left there just for me, of course!
I become mad, and reinvent a list of swearwords that would make jealous all the Haddock captains of the world. Why people do have dogs? Why don't they have cats like everyone? Why?
I calm myself down after having wiped my shoe on the pavement and a pitiful square of lawn facing it. It is a fact that cats at least are clean!
I surprise myself at this moment thinking about my cat. What is he doing, as a matter of fact, during my absence? Probably nothing. I think he is busy with the same occupations than when I am at home. They are of three kinds: food, litter, and couch. With an alternative for this last, Camelice also uses my bed to take rest of his hard duties.

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